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Waila! Making the People Happy

$75.00 (includes public performance rights)

Central European immigrants brought polka music to America in the mid-19th century but the people in the O'odham Indian nations in Arizona's Sonoran desert have made the mixture of accordions, saxophones and percussion all their own.

Taken from the word baila, which means dance in Spanish, Akimel and Tohono people have created waila, a form of music that embodies polka and Mexican tejano, cumbias and Norteno. And one family, the famous Joaquin Brothers, have taken waila (pronounced y-la) all the way to Carnegie Hall to show that "Indian music" is what culture and language make it to be.

Program Length: 27 minutes
Production Staff: Producer, Director, Co-Editor: Dan Golding (Quechan), Hokan Media Productions
Production Company: Hokan Media
Format: DVD
Public Broadcast Release: March 2009

Closed Captioning Included

Tags: Music, Southwest, historical

Product ID: WAIL-09-H

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