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American Cowboys

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The story of a Native American cowboy, Jackson Sundown, and an African American, George Fletcher, who overcome racism and other barriers in the early 1900s to become the best cowboys in the country. This documentary reveals the glory of being the best, the frustration of being ignored, and the rewards for not giving up on a dream.

Program Length: 47 minutes + extras
Production Staff: Producers: Cedric (Umatilla) & Tania Wildbill
Production Company: Wildbill Productions
Public Broadcast Release: November 2001

This DVD version includes: 47-Minute Version of American Cowboys, 26-Minute Version of American Cowboys, 47-minutes of raw black and white silent film footage. Narration by William Hurt.

Tags: Civil rights, historical, horse, culture, Northwest, Oregon

Product ID: JSGF-01-H

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